It is the ideal ally for those who practice sports and for those who want to have a deep and smudge-free look in any weather condition, even in the hottest temperatures: waterproof mascara makes up and curls lashes with special water-proof waxes and pigments, moisture and tears. It can be considered the extreme version of traditional mascara: it does not melt, does not crumble, does not drip and does not stain. It passes with flying colors a spinning session, a surf in the waves, a dip in the pool, a sunbath, and also avoids the black halo effect around the eyes during the closing credits of a romantic film.

It is often confused with the “long lasting” and “water resistent” versions: the first is a mascara that boasts an above average hold and remains defined and flawless from morning to night; the second is indicated for those suffering from frequent tearing and sweating more accentuated than normal. The waterproof mascara combines the performance of these two in an extreme way with a special make-up paste that coats the lashes making them refractory to any type of liquid, thus revealing itself as an essential cosmetic during the summer season and especially for sports.

These are its PROS, now let's move on to its CONS

Waterproof mascara has limited performance: it shapes the lashes, defines and separates them but does not volumize or thicken them (in short, no "false eyelash" effect), this is because its formulation rich in water-repellent resins is less creamy than to a traditional mascara to last long and adhere to the lash shaft. Due to this peculiarity, the waterproof version is considered more aggressive than the classic mascara and not suitable for those with fragile and thin eyelashes. It is preferable to use it only on special occasions because it dehydrates, weakens and stresses them.

The technique of applying waterproof mascara has an essential rule: its application must be quick and precise. The make-up fluid tends to dry quickly, which is why, in order to avoid unsightly lumps, professional makeup artists when they have to apply a waterproof mascara make up one eye at a time, spreading it once or at most twice with linear movements, always starting from the roots up to at the tips of the lashes.

Its removal is also more complicated than that of a traditional mascara. Having to resist everything, it does not dissolve easily and not with a simple eye cleanser. To remove it, it is advisable to choose a biphasic make-up remover specific for waterproof makeup or a cleanser in oil to be gently passed on the eyelashes with the help of a cotton pad.

Blinc is different because ...

BLINC mascaras are waterproof is long lasting. Thanks to their special formula, the result of BLINC research, they are suitable for delicate eyes and for those who suffer from thin eyelashes that tend to break easily. They boast all the pros of a water-resistant mascara without having its drawbacks: they do not dry or harden the lashes but volumize and multiply them, wrapping them in an elastic sheath that resists water and does not require a make-up remover: in fact, they are removed with the simple touch of wet fingers.

Both the Traditional mascara that the Amplified mascara they are waterproof and therefore resistant to water, humidity and tears.